A Message to the Student Body

Feb. 12, 2019

On this somewhat historic edition of our student newspaper I can’t help but reflect on the letter from GCC’s first president, Dr. Alfred C. O’Connell in 1967.

In welcoming GCC’s first class to campus, Dr. O’Connell highlighted GCC’s commitment to providing quality educational experiences and social, cultural, athletic and recreational activities designed to boost student success. President O’Connell and the College’s first administration envisioned an innovative learning environment supported by a faculty of dedicated scholars who would open the door to unlimited opportunities for students.

While our work is never done and we constantly evaluate ways to improve and do more for our students, everywhere I look, I see success.

Today, 50 years later, GCC continues to deliver the highest quality education through a robust group of credentialed and experienced faculty members and dedicated staff. Teaching methods are continually enhanced through the introduction of current technologies and equipment. Our student clubs and Fine Arts and Global Education programs provide exciting and unique glimpses into a wide variety of cultures and serve to unite our ever-changing student body.

The new Call Arena and the Student Success Center are, I’m quite sure, far beyond what that first administration dreamt of – from the field house and press box to the amazing opportunities and connections our students make in our local community and around the world, GCC is going farther than ever before.

I hope this first-ever, online edition of the student paper is just one more way in which you see positive change and the continued success of Genesee Community College.


James M. Sunser, Ed.D.