International Spotlight

by Jairzinho (Jay) Alberto

Oct. 15, 2019

Genesee Community College is a melting pot of people from different cultures and different parts of the world. To bring this to people’s attention we are introducing the international spotlight where we will be shining a spotlight on a few international students here on campus. So, with great pleasure we would like to introduce our guest for this issue, Gined Davelaar. Gined is a student who exchanged the clear blue skies and sea of Curacao for the bright white snow of Batavia, New York. She is a 21 years old Humanities and Social Sciences major with a concentration in Psychology, and she loves to sing, dance and act.
We asked her how she learned about GCC and her response was: “I came here to Genesee Community College, because of the good feedback that I got from other students. And because of the good relationship that Genesse Community College has with our Government.”
We also asked her what excited her the most about Genesee Community College: “At first, because it was in New York, I always wanted to live here. Also, that it was a community college, not big so I can get used to the American school system.”
When asked about what excited her the most about Batavia: “That it is so calm, not busy at all.”
After GCC, Gined plans to go to West Virginia to finish her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology.