Every Student Could Use Some TLC

By Columban Honan
April 30, 2021

The Learning Center (TLC) at GCC has been working hard to provide students with the services often needed for student success.

Before Covid, TLC was already preparing to go partially online to meet student need. Many students wanted tutoring in the evening, or some did not have access to the tutoring they needed at their campus. TLC began formally setting up Zoom and other online services to connect these students to tutors for help. When the lockdown hit last year, TLC accelerated its online preparation and were online, helping students in a matter of days.

TLC’s bread and butter is tutoring. Through TutorTrac, students can reserve time for help with any of their classes. TLC has many tutors in different fields to ensure that they can help students no matter what class they are taking.

TLC also offers other programs and workshops, covering subjects such as effective studying or exercising time management to help students be successful in their studies. These workshops, like the recent “When a Course Becomes Difficult” are free to all students. Information for these sessions is sent through students’ GCC email.

Employees of TLC use different platforms like Zoom, YouTube, and Discord to cover all students who need help. Peer learning is also something that has suffered from the lockdown. However, TLC can help with that too. Students reserve time to just discuss with other students what they learn in lectures.

Loy Gross, a tutor for TLC, said that students should know that they aren’t bothering tutors if they ask for help. To read of their services or to sign up for a tutoring session, go to https://genesee.edu/home/offices/tutoring-center/.