Purple Briefcase: A Hope for Students and Alumni Who Want Jobs

By Morgan Kittle
April 30, 2021

Within the impact of the pandemic shocking people worldwide, many people have lost their jobs and are searching for jobs to take care of themselves. Many have searched for jobs through papers, people, and through many websites devoted to guiding people to jobs that they want and can qualify for. There is a website dedicated specifically to college students.

Purple Briefcase is a free website used to help students and alumni find jobs that can fit with their experience, degrees, and majors. Employers can search for potential employees on the site and participate in events to show participants different types of internships and career choices. Students from almost any college in America and those who have already graduated can still use the site if they have their college email.

Students can set up a profile and can control whether that profile is private or public. When it is public, employers can see the profile and sort out who to hire. On a student’s profile, there is a “score,” and the higher the score is, the better. Students can post professional images of themselves onto their profiles, which improves the scoring on their profiles and gives them better chances of getting noticed. In addition to a professional picture, students can include a well-made resume and fill in the rest of their profile.

GCC Student Success Coach Andrea Newman calls the Purple Briefcase site a “mothership” that sends out types of jobs that students want. The profiles are gathered to the headquarters, and it sends the jobs needed out for students to see. This means that the headquarters gather information on what job would suit each person and when there is an opportunity, the headquarters sends that information to people who are interested in working in that field.

Purple Briefcase’s website is https://app.purplebriefcase.com/pb/account/login?s=gcc. If you have questions, contact your Success Coach or the Success Center at https://www.genesee.edu/home/offices/student-success-center/.