Cougar Pride

By Abby Lamphier
October 14, 2021

Did you know that, as a GCC student, you are a cougar? That’s right! The golden cougar is often seen paired with the blue GCC logo which makes up the official college colors. And G-Dub is our fierce and agile mascot.
You may be wondering how this monstrous cat became the school mascot. It started way back when Genesee Community College was founded in 1966 as part of the State University of New York system. On September 27, 1967, Genesee Community College officially opened classes to full and part-time students. In January 1972, Genesee Community College relocated to its current and permanent address on One College Road in the town of Batavia.
In the late 60s and 70s there were surveys taken by students to determine the mascot. Choices included the Genesee Chargers, Blue Devils, Frontiersmen, Pioneers, and the Genesee Genies among others. The Cougar edged out the Chargers by only 2 votes! G-Double, or G-Dub for short, (G with double Cs, get it?) has been the cougar representing the student body for the past 16 years or so. Dr. Stuart Steiner, GCC’s first Dean of Students chose the colors.
G-Dub can be found bringing school spirit to all sports at GCC. The college hosts a wide variety of sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, swimming, and lacrosse. Our beloved cougar has been spotted dancing the “Cupid Shuffle” with the dance team, helping students move in at the beginning of the semester, posing for photos at the 50th anniversary of the college and demonstrating proper mask wearing. G-Dub’s cousin Genni joined the college last December.

G-Dub and Genni

Show your school spirit this month by wearing blue and gold. Bonus points if you can get a picture with the cougar himself. Share it on social media with the tag #CougarPRIDE! Looking for some GCC apparel? Find it all at the bookstore located on the Batavia campus behind the cafeteria. More college history can be found in the college archives located in the library.