A Message to the Student Body

Feb. 12, 2019

On this somewhat historic edition of our student newspaper I can’t help but reflect on the letter from GCC’s first president, Dr. Alfred C. O’Connell in 1967.

In welcoming GCC’s first class to campus, Dr. O’Connell highlighted GCC’s commitment to providing quality educational experiences and social, cultural, athletic and recreational activities designed to boost student success. President O’Connell and the College’s first administration envisioned an innovative learning environment supported by a faculty of dedicated scholars who would open the door to unlimited opportunities for students.

While our work is never done and we constantly evaluate ways to improve and do more for our students, everywhere I look, I see success.

Today, 50 years later, GCC continues to deliver the highest quality education through a robust group of credentialed and experienced faculty members and dedicated staff. Teaching methods are continually enhanced through the introduction of current technologies and equipment. Our student clubs and Fine Arts and Global Education programs provide exciting and unique glimpses into a wide variety of cultures and serve to unite our ever-changing student body.

The new Call Arena and the Student Success Center are, I’m quite sure, far beyond what that first administration dreamt of – from the field house and press box to the amazing opportunities and connections our students make in our local community and around the world, GCC is going farther than ever before.

I hope this first-ever, online edition of the student paper is just one more way in which you see positive change and the continued success of Genesee Community College.


James M. Sunser, Ed.D.



A Dean’s Welcome

To: All GCC Students

From:  Patty Chaya, Dean of Students

Feb. 12, 2019

Welcome to “Spring” 2019 semester at Genesee!

For those of you returning to GCC, I hope you had a relaxing break with your family and friends, and are ready for a new, rewarding semester!    For new students, our staff members are looking forward to getting to know you. Let’s hope this year is filled with richness and happiness for us all!

I am guessing that over break some of you may have forgotten what day of the week it was, or did not change out of your night clothes.  After week two, were you making promises about getting your act together when you returned to GCC?  Did you tell others that you were planning on studying hard, becoming physically fit and joining more clubs?  What is stopping you?  Now is the time to act!

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From Past to Present

By Megan Miller

Feb. 12, 2019

In the year 1967 Genesee Community College had just begun its existence. On December 1st of that year the first Newspaper for the college had come to life. The newspaper was called the GeneSeeOriel. The name might seem strange but the answer to why they named the newspaper such a name is on page 2 of that newspaper.

Before Genesee Community College was in the building it is now, the school had temporarily set up shop in what used to be a store building. On page 2 the writers of the newspaper talk about how someone wanted to name the newspaper “window” because it was a window into the school and the original building did not have many windows. This may explain why current buildings have so many windows. The article goes on to explain that “Oriel” is another word for “window” and that the rest of the name just fit.

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GCC Computer Club sends computers to impoverished countries

By Shane Causyn

Feb. 12, 2019

With a total of about 15 members, GCC’s Computer Club has found an admirable way to stay busy this semester.

After receiving approximately 86 recycled laptops, the Club decided to donate them to impoverished countries in the West Indies. Countries like Trinidad, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries will be given these computers where everyday technology we have here in America isn’t so readily available. In places where students may not even have notebooks, these laptops will make an exceptional impact on the communities in these regions.

Oliver Miller, instructor of Computer Information Systems at GCC, is the connection between these recycled computers and GCC’s Computer Club. Miller is the former president of an organization called the Jamaican and American Association of Buffalo (JAAB). JAAB’s main objective is providing medical assistance in these regions. Every two years, JAAB gathers doctors and other medical personnel to visit these impoverished countries in the West Indies to provide free medical care, as well as works with pharmaceutical companies to provide medicine to send to these countries. “Our chairman is from that area, as am I, so we would gather these medical personnel and send them to provide free medical care,” said Miller.

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A Taste of Batavia

by Nathan Maniscalco

In the city of Batavia, it would be hard to drive down the streets and not notice all of the local diners and restaurants that make Batavia so unique and individual. I had the opportunity to visit a few local eateries and enjoy some of the great food and drinks Batavia has to offer.
If you’re looking for something new and refined, I suggest Yume Asian Bistro; located on Veterans Memorial Dr., This authentic Asian restaurant offers great ethnic dishes and drinks. They have a signature ginger dressing which makes any salad taste absolutely delicious and savory. With that I also had the Red Box Curry which is a Hibachi dish that comes with your choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp; it’s served with cooked vegetables, brown or white rice and Shumai. Now if you have never had Shumai before, it is a traditional Chinese steamed dumpling that consists of pork-and-mushrooms and is very tasty. Yume also offers a number of different Sushi Rolls and Hibachi choices.

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