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“Freedom of the press ensures that the abuse of every other freedom can be known, can be challenged and even defeated.”  Kofi Annan (1938-2018)

2019-2020 New Courier Staff:

Student Editor: Open
Graphics Editor: Anna Adams (Fall 2019); Open (Spring 2020)
Web Wizard: Rikki Ettinger (Fall 2019); Open (Spring 2020)
Photographers: Jaden Dumbleton , Julianna Speers, Christopher Waide
Writers: Jairzinho (Jay) Alberto, Dennis Austin, Meredith Cutro, Jaden Dumbleton, Alec Frongetta, Bryan Giltner, Hannah Grammer, Lenora Kasper, Angelique Newton, Gabriella Orfanides, Paul Perry, Julianna Speers, Julien Tuast, Christopher Waide
Contributors: Nasha Moore

Advisor/Faculty Editor: Cindy Hagelberger

JOU Professor/Advisor/Faculty Print Editor: Kris Dassinger

2018-2019 New Courier Staff:
Student Editor: Braiden Allen
Graphics Editor: Anna Adams
Photographers: Penelope Hudzinski, Kimberly Kaiser, Nathan Maniscalco, Julien Tuast
Web Wizard: Rikki Ettinger
Writers: Braiden Allen, Evan Atkins, Dennis Austin, Joshua Barranco, Hanna Butcher, Shane Causyn, Rikki Ettinger, Sarah Ferns, Peresphone Hudzinski, Kimberly Kaiser, Thomas Kedzierski III, Nathan Maniscalco, Angelina Miconi, Megan Miller, Erin Phillips, Joshua Robinson, Julien Tuast, Pete Zehler

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