You Said…

October 2019

What are you most excited about for this school year?

Nasha Monroe – “What I’m most excited about this school year is getting back into the groove of learning, getting A’s in my classes, and making the Dean’s List every semester.”
Ben Lennox – “I’m excited about learning the new social media trends in COM 101”
Bryan Giltner – “I’m excited to be furthering my career in wrestling entertainment, getting my feet wet, hoping to meet new people in the field, and seeing how far I can get.”
Chelsea Hutchings – “I’m going to North Carolina in December for a hockey game, and we’re stopping to see my sister on the way home.”
Gregory Metz – “I’m excited to make new friends as the year goes on and getting to know one another.”

March 2019

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled? Where would you like to go?

Navaily Petrona is a Marketing & Social media major, who is one of our many students from Curaçao. She said the farthest that she ever traveled was a trip that she took to Paris. Navaily said, “It was very exciting as if it was straight out of the movies. Walking down the streets of Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower is true sight to behold by anyone. Europe is truly beautiful place to visit.” She also said that she would love to travel a bit more in the states.
Photo of student, Hanna Butcher

Hanna Butcher is a Communications and Media student who is half Canadian. A favorite destination is a six hour trip north every year to meet with other members of the Butcher family. At the Bunny Hallow cabin her family likes to unwind with water sports like paddle boarding and swimming, and they will often go for hikes. When asked where she would like to go, she said, “Florida” short sweet and simple; also very understandable considering the weather we get in western NY sometimes.