The WOKE Club at GCC

By Kimberly Kaiser

March 25, 2019

WOKE, a GCC club started and directed by students, wants to bring diversion and inclusion for all.

WOKE was first introduced to GCC in September of 2018 by GCC Students Tori Ogunsanya and Khalisah Muhammad and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Sara Vacin. They focus on bringing diversity to GCC and hope to continue educating people about it. As of right now, there are about 15-20 members who attend the meetings weekly.

One main goal this group has is to try to understand other people’s beliefs and opinions and to educate people who are not familiar with diversity. Ogunsanya said, “We want you to come in asking questions. As part of the program, we want to educate you.” Ogunsanya describes the club as a place that “makes people feel appreciated.”

Even if it is challenging, the Club is very determined to celebrate diversity and bring even more inclusion to GCC. Vice President of WOKE Muhammad said, “To me, WOKE means giving other ethnicity groups the chance to celebrate. It’s a place where people can go and be open with one another and feel accepted while creating friendships.”

Recently, WOKE made a “Coming Out Door” in the cafeteria, which gave them a chance to help educate many people in the community. They also hosted storyteller Almeta Whitis for Black History Month.

WOKE is hosting upcoming events such as a diversity conference and a Drag Show on March 30th where the proceeds will go toward establishing the first LBGTQ scholarship at GCC. All proceeds from the event will fund this newly established scholarship opportunity which will provide financial assistance to eligible students facing emergency situations, or helping to offset financial hardships by covering the cost books, tuition, child care, or other obstacles to academic success.

WOKE members meet on Wednesdays at 4:00 P.M. in S103. They also have pages on Facebook (Diversity and Inclusion at GCC) and their Instagram (GCC_WOKE).