Meet Your GCC Student Government

The GCC SGA Executive Board (clockwise from top left: Devin Hogan, Me’ilani Nelson, Scott Kessler, Josef Scheel, Nevaeh Vindigni-Kretchmer, and Matthew Tetreault; not pictured: Clarice Misiak)

by Me’ilani Nelson
October 16, 2020

What is the SGA E-Board?

The SUNY Genesee Community College Student Government Association E- Board (SGA-E-Board) is the governance body for students. It makes decisions about student organizations, funding, and events. Student representatives have many opportunities to participate in the decision-making process and also serve on a variety of staff or functional unit advisory committees, giving student representatives an opportunity to actively engage in leadership and governance.

Introducing the 2020-2021 SGA Executive Board:

Devin Hogan, the SGA President, is a Sociology student from Medina, New York. This is their second year at GCC, and in addition to serving as Student Government President, they are currently a Campus Ambassador, as well as an RA at College Village. They plan to transfer to UB to pursue law when their time at GCC is done. When not studying, or sleeping, they enjoy writing, making music and art, and binging TV. If you would like to contact Devin, email:

Scott Kessler, the SGA Vice-President, is a freshman majoring in history at Genesee Community College with experience fighting for youth rights. As Director of Political Affairs for the Youth Progressive Policy Group (YPPG) Scott fought in the New York State Legislature and the NYC Council for youth voting rights, high school civics classes, and the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which passed in 2019. In his free time, Scott likes to play the piano, hang out with friends, read, and watch Hulu, but only because he doesn’t have Netflix. His pronouns are He/Him/His and if you would like to contact Scott you can email him at

Me’ilani Nelson, the SGA Student Trustee, is a first-year Business/Visual Arts Major from Maui, Hawaii. After graduating this May, she plans to continue her education at Purchase College where she plans to pursue a BFA in Photography. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, listening to music, and spending time with her albino ball python. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers and if you would like to contact Me’ilani you can email her at

Josef Scheel, the SGA Treasurer, is from Spencerport, New York. He is pursuing an A.S. in Accounting and plans to study for a Master’s Degree in the field. His interests and hobbies include D&D, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, and video games. If you would like to contact Josef you can email him at

Matthew Tetreault, the SGA Secretary, is currently in his freshman year, although he took accredited classes through GCC during his senior year of high school. Matthew is originally from Chili, New York but moved to Caledonia years ago where he currently resides. He is pursuing his criminal justice degree and is considering going into the US Coast Guard where he hopes to obtain valuable skills in the field of maritime law enforcement for later career pursuits. He enjoys collecting rare/old historic items such as books, currency, military memorabilia, etc. If you would like to contact Matthew you can email him at

Nevaeh Vindigni-Kretchmer, the SGA Vice-President of Student Programming, is a second-year general studies student from Rochester, New York. She intends to enter the Respiratory Care program here at GCC and currently works at College Village as an RA. Nevaeh is interested in science and the arts and she loves to write poetry and music. If you would like to contact Nevaeh you can email her at

Clarice Misiak, the SGA Vice President of Athletics Affairs, is majoring in health sciences and looking forward to pursuing a career as a chiropractor in the future. She lives in Albion, New York, and is currently working at Paneks Pumpkin Patch. Clarice enjoys being a member of the Cougar Volleyball team and is enjoying her time at GCC. If you would like to contact Clarice you can email her at

Want to join SGA and serve your fellow students? Want to be more involved in campus life? GCC SGA is looking to fill the following positions on the Executive Board:

Vice-President of Diversity Education & Inclusion
Vice-President of Marketing & Communication
Vice-President of Academic Affairs

If you are interested, please fill out the application that can be found on the GCC SEI home page.