Katrina McCracken

photo of Katrina McCracken Poetry Contest winner

Running Home

He was my buddy, my companion. He was always by my side.
He was rough around the edges, but had a soft heart inside.
He taught me patience and forgiveness. He understood,
When no one else could.
He loved to run, to race the wind. To feel it racing by,
Striving, like a young bird, to freely fly.
He loved to run, but most of all, he loved to run home.
The place where he knew he was safe, but free. Home.
That cold morning, while the dew was still wet upon the grass,
He ran home, alone; through the morning mist he passed.
Oh, to run again; to run home.
He will always be running, running, to his home.
Truly free and safe at last, My buddy is running home.

Dedicated to my horse, King, who ran home December 12, 2019.