From Past to Present

By Megan Miller

Feb. 12, 2019

In the year 1967 Genesee Community College had just begun its existence. On December 1st of that year the first Newspaper for the college had come to life. The newspaper was called the GeneSeeOriel. The name might seem strange but the answer to why they named the newspaper such a name is on page 2 of that newspaper.

Before Genesee Community College was in the building it is now, the school had temporarily set up shop in what used to be a store building. On page 2 the writers of the newspaper talk about how someone wanted to name the newspaper “window” because it was a window into the school and the original building did not have many windows. This may explain why current buildings have so many windows. The article goes on to explain that “Oriel” is another word for “window” and that the rest of the name just fit.

On page 3 there is an article about the search for the site of the current Genesee Community College and their plans for the future. They wanted to find a site close to the highway to ensure convenience for those who would travel to and from the college from other towns. It is interesting to read about how they had planned for the college to be primarily only for those who live close enough to travel there. The article even talks about how the school did not plan on building dorms for that reason. A large number of the students who go to the college currently, live in the dorms that now exist. Many people from around the world are currently attending the college.

We are lucky to be able to experience what this college has become after coming from where it was so many years ago. To be able to see a glimpse into the past is truly amazing.