A Dean’s Welcome

To: All GCC Students

From:  Patty Chaya, Dean of Students

Feb. 12, 2019

Welcome to “Spring” 2019 semester at Genesee!

For those of you returning to GCC, I hope you had a relaxing break with your family and friends, and are ready for a new, rewarding semester!    For new students, our staff members are looking forward to getting to know you. Let’s hope this year is filled with richness and happiness for us all!

I am guessing that over break some of you may have forgotten what day of the week it was, or did not change out of your night clothes.  After week two, were you making promises about getting your act together when you returned to GCC?  Did you tell others that you were planning on studying hard, becoming physically fit and joining more clubs?  What is stopping you?  Now is the time to act!

Take the time to pledge dedication to your studies and make time for free tutoring on a regular basis, especially for difficult classes like MATH.  Stop in at the 2nd floor D wing early in the semester before you fall behind and make an appointment today!  This could truly help make a difference in your grade point average.

2019 is a great time to begin (and commit to!) a new exercise program.  Walk the short distance to the Fitness Center, and see what opportunities there might be for you.  Start working out slowly, and become a healthier version of yourself in preparation for warmer temperatures outside, and the shedding of heavy winter sweaters.

How about making some new friends?  The Student Union is the perfect place to get to know people.  Drop by the Activities Office and find out what clubs might be intriguing to you, or how you might be able to be a part of the student leadership.  Not only could this be a lot of fun, but adding extracurricular activities will also be a resume builder.

I have had numerous students telling me about activities during their break which included going ice skating, working at a part-time job, catching up with high school friends, volunteering at an animal shelter, binge watching  favorite shows, eating too much and curling up with a good book.  Remember books?   I highly recommend that you try reading for pleasure again!  You may be surprised at how much you enjoy some quiet time away from the chaos of the day.  Speak with one of the members of our excellent Library staff to help you find something which suits your interests.

Your college experiences are often what YOU make them to be.  Do not pass by opportunities that are staring you in the face.  Be open to meeting people from all walks of life, even if they may not be anything like you.  You may be surprised at how small the differences really are.  At GCC we strive to create an inclusive environment, and that starts with you.

If you need some assistance, please stop by my office and say “hello.”  We are here to help guide you in your journey at Genesee!