image of hands holding a video game controller

Love Playing Video Games? Join the eSports Club

By Paul Perry 

February 25, 2020

Around the campus at Genesee Community College, students will find many different clubs that should spike at least one interest of theirs. 

With clubs like the following: The International Students Club, The Political Science Club, or even The WGCC Radio Club, GCC seems to have it all.  Recently, however, a new club started up that gained immediate attention and support – the brand-new eSports club.

The club’s main focus is any and all kinds of video games; from casual games on mobile devices to the high-end competitive games done on $1,000+ gaming computers. The club covers every corner of the gaming world. 

The world of eSports is becoming more common among colleges and the people around the world.  Dave Johnson, one of the club advisors along with Shawn Adamson, said that “it seemed like a smart thing to do. It gives a place at GCC for all gamers.” 

And there are many. Currently, the eSports club is the largest club on campus boasting over 40 members already signed up and in their Discord group used to chat and set up times to game with each other. 

Part of the reason for their huge member base is the fact that a lot of the club is done online through the Discord app, which allows its users to create an online profile and remain completely anonymous. This allows many of GCC’s students to use Discord as a means for them to talk freely and be who they really are, without worry of having to meet people face to face. 

With such a huge reach that the club has accomplished so far, its advisors are excited for the future. Johnson said that the club does have interest into looking into possibly joining with other colleges for games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, or League of Legends sometime in the near future. 

GCC has also shown a good amount of support for the club, granting them access to several TVs on wheel bases throughout the campus with three in the Forum and one in the Student Union as well as a Nintendo Switch with “…a truck load of controllers,” Johnson said.

The eSports club has shown much promise for its future. Johnson said that the most exciting thing for the club coming up is simply the expansion and growing interest in the club. It is getting new members almost every day.


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