Criminal Justice Club Donates $200 to the Local K-9 Unit

Criminal Justice Club presenting $200 check.
Criminal Justice Club presenting $200 check.

by Braiden Allen

May 1, 2019

            On April 18, 2019, Undersheriff Bradley Mazur joined the Criminal Justice Club both to graciously accept a two hundred dollar check from the club and to inform its members about the Genesee County Police Department’s newest K-9-Unit member. Frankie (named after the late Deputy Frank Bordonaro) is a two-and-a-half-year-old Belgian Malinois just starting on the demanding road to narcotics detection and tracking certification. While Frankie couldn’t join the club meeting, Mazur assured  everyone that the pup would be endlessly excited to see us if he could, as only a couple weeks into his training he chipped his back tooth while eagerly attempting to chew through his cage to participate in training. Fortunately, Frankie’s enthusiasm will contribute to his success in his rigorous training. Even after Frankie graduates, which Mazur anticipates will be within the next few months, he will have to be periodically reassessed to ensure his certification for as long as he’s a police dog.

            Mazur is confident in Frankie’s success, but he stressed the importance of the Criminal Justice Club’s donation to his (and other dogs’) safety and well-being on the job. The club’s generous contribution will help the K-9 Unit continue to provide proper education, up-to-date dog-friendly police car modifications (complete with sizeable kennels, air conditioning and heat, and a temperature alarm), and possibly bullet-proof dog vests in the future. With beaming smiles and full hearts, the Criminal Justice Club happily gifted their donation as they thought about how much it will help Genesee County’s canine cops, and Undersheriff Mazur humbly accepted with the same thought in mind.

Drama at GCC! What is happening behind closed doors in the Stuart Steiner Theatre?

Forum Players perform in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By Thomas Kedzierski III

May 1, 2019

One of GCC’s oldest and largest clubs, the Forum Players, is still going strong.

When the Club began, it took stage in GCCs main Forum before moving into GCC’s Stuart Steiner Theatre. From its humble beginnings, the Forum players now work out of the 328-seat theatre with Broadway quality production, a box office, rehearsal studio, dressing rooms, costume shop, and scene shop.

Last March the Forum Players performed their production, Encounters.  According to Club Treasurer and Student Liaison Cody Taylor, the play “tackled issues such as US shootings, the LGBT community, different cultures, and the problems surrounding them.”

Last April, they produced their spring children’s production, The Lamp is the Moon, as well as prepared for next semester’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Taylor has been with the Forum Players for two years and encourages new members to join. “We are extremely inclusive, and welcome everyone,” he said. “Don’t feel that you need prior experience.”

A multitude of things happen outside of productions with the Forum Players, “At meetings we do improv games and other goofy things. We do a theme Thursday dress up meeting. In the past we’ve had themes like color, superheroes, SpongeBob, and 1980s,” said Taylor.

Although it can be fun, being a Forum Player is not without its challenges, “Building your character and rehearsing can be difficult and stressful, but we get a great production pushing ourselves and trying different things for every show,” said Taylor. “The challenge is worth it. Forum Players is like a family: We come together, get to know each other, have a great time, and get close.”

Some students may be hesitant to join the Forum Players because of possible stage fright. However, even experienced Forum Players have stage fright. “I just have to remind myself I know what I’m doing, I know the show, and I tell myself I can do it,” said Taylor. “Don’t let stage fright get in the way of joining. Forum Players is very welcoming; we’re just a bunch of goofballs who like theatre.”

The GCC Forum Players meet every other Thursday during common hour. Contact faculty in the box office for more information.