Film Club Productions

by Persephone Hudzinski

Feb. 12, 2019

The Film Club has been out in the field getting experience with the new technologies involved in film production and editing applications. Film Club will have a presence at the upcoming Club Fair in the GCC Forum on February 12th and will be searching for those interested in learning the different components of film production and editing.
This next week Film Club President Tom Kedzierski (TK3 on 90.7 FM Fridays @ 2p.m.) and advisor Rachael Doktor will be supervising the editing phase for an original film made by a four man crew. Club members alternate roles of camera operators, directors, editors, producers and essential sound producers to create a short film.
For this film, Vice President Persephone Hudzinski followed a theme of awakening the wonder and ideals held close during childhood before the adult world’s reality is revealed in the conclusion of the piece. Each production day had an outline of what was to be filmed, different shot ideas and even lighting suggestions. “For our first film we wanted to do something fun that challenged our skills and ability with camera motion,” says Tom.
The next production will explore different lighting to create a mood and the club is looking for ideas for a storyline. New members can inquire about the opportunities during the Club Fair or in the Film Department on Tuesdays or Thursdays during common hour (12:30-2pm) in T135 which is hidden in a side hallway by the elevator in T building, first floor.