Creative Writing

November 2019

Youth Culture.

By Julien Tuast

We are cut from the same cloth
We are pill in a mouth
We are tear filled with eyes
We are nothing made into something

The repeated cycle of awkwardness
Hands stained from past mistakes
Broken heart culture
Soft spoken truth

We are the youth
We are the disappointment of a past generation
Yet we improved on their behavior
Isn’t that sad

We are not lazy
It’s the procrastination
Of this nation
That’s got me upset

So I grabbed my bags and I left
To a bigger place
With bigger stakes
Were I have everything to lose

So please listen to your youth
We don’t want to endure anymore mental abuse
You want us back
But you hold us back

Horrified by the horrors you enact
Actions have consequences
So I breathe in positive air
And exhale meaning full content

So with your consent
Let me proclaim
This is the interlude to the end
This is where I stand