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Life Lessons from a Pothos Plant

Photo: istockphoto.com

by David Tetreault
published March 9, 2022

Life is filled with curved paths and the unknown. It is a scary, dark and mysterious place to be. Believe it or not, you can learn so much from a Pothos Plant, or Devil’s Ivy.
Lesson 1: Curves and imperfections
Curves and imperfection make you, you. They make you more of a human than anyone else. These plants have many of these important aspects on them as well, from a wilting leaf, to a looped vine, the plant will always still be a plant. And as for you, your imperfections make you no less than a living, breathing, human being.
Lesson 2: Taking your time to go and learn
Next, as plants do, they take it day by day. Waiting, watching, learning till the next day. Getting watered, getting sun, getting all the nutrients they need to live. However, they don’t cram everything in one day, because it might just kill them. Just like us, too much of anything can lead to devastation. Taking it day by day can be boring, we could get overwhelmed, we could just want everything to be done that one day. Take your time, live a little more, breathe, drink water, get YOUR nutrients, relax. Rather, just watch, learn and humble yourself. That plant you glanced at while you were cramming work due in the next two weeks is simply laughing at you.
Lesson 3: Losing something you had and loved
A Pothos plant loses leaves it can not sustain anymore, it wilts, it dies, it falls. That leaf goes back into that soil and gives back to the plant it once broke off from. That plant isn’t going to die due to losing one leaf, it will always grow a new one, bigger, better, stronger than before, because it has learned from it’s past mistakes and will do better next time. Just as people lose something: a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or get a bad test grade. People can also learn from their past mistakes. And there will always be second chances and times to make anew. Don’t be discouraged or defeated, in turn, be enlightened, be humbled, be you. Those mistakes are now the soil under your feet fueling you to keep going, encouraging you to be better and stronger.
All in all, if we were to live our lives as the Pothos plant it can truly change our way of living by being humbled, steadfast, patient, and even teaching. Following the life of a Pothos can show us how to vanquish our problems, not just alone, but with every stem and leaf that comes with them.

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