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Tiff’s Top 6 Term Paper Tunes

by Tiff Pfeiffer
November 20, 2020

Ah… the end of the semester is coming into view, but the tasks needed to finish it out with an exclamation point are coming into view as well. The Fall 2020 semester has been one full of new adjustments, but some required assignments stayed the same. A good example is that age-old, scary assignment called the TERM PAPER! Just stay calm, and give me a minute to try and take that initial anxiety away from that ….gulp…Term Paper idea. Whether your fears are heightened by those two words, the changing weather patterns, or your own known inability to self-motivate, I think I have some songs that can help with all of this!

Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves
The skies are running grey, the fall foliage has long since fallen to the ground, and the world just looks a bit gloomier than it did when the semester started. If you are anything like me, this could greatly deter you from having any motivation. They call it seasonal depression; I just call it that blah feeling that deters me from having any motivation to dive into my studies. Sometimes we just need to start the day with a feel-good tune to lift us up! I know that I may be dating myself a bit with this one, but no one I know can listen to this song and stay in an indifferent mood. Forget any cheesy commercial you may have heard this tune in. Just shake off those cold weather blues by cranking this one up to ten for just under 4 minutes, and ask yourself…”don’t it feel good!?”
I’m A Survivor- Destiny’s Child
I know what you are thinking. This song is geared towards a relationship issue. How does this apply towards term paper writing? I like to think of the chorus of this song as a declaration that should be chanted toward anything in your life that may be a distraction from you becoming your best version of yourself. Obstacles are made to be overcome. Challenges present themselves to be contested. We have all heard the popular phrase that “knowledge is power.” If we want to grab that knowledge with both hands then that drive to succeed must be present first. If you are more of an R&B fan, I suggest heeding the advice from these three ladies, and then sing along… “I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder!” If you do, I know you too will have “success, not stress, and lots of happiness” as well!
School Days – Chuck Berry
I’m not sure how many of you read my article in the last paper about embracing the fact that we can learn remotely. This song does just that all over again. The beat and melody ensure that uplift that we need in our day or even mid semester. It also points out all the stressors of trying to get to class and find your place to begin the schooling process. Thank goodness all we need to do is snuggle up in front of our computers while writing term papers! I love the song’s way of finding humor in the old routine for learning and find appreciation in being able to construct a term paper on my terms. It should be renamed a “My Terms Paper.” After all, it’s your knowledge that you have gained and possess that you are showing off with the written word. All you need to do is stay within the requirements of what your professor is asking you cover and use the correct format. With that said, let ol’ Chuck give ya a chuckle, shake off your worries and let your knowledge flow onto your paper!
Move Along – All American Rejects
Term papers are a whole different beast than the normal lesson plan or pop quiz. Rather than repeating everything that your instructor is teaching to show you’ve been paying attention, term papers are a way for students to relay their thoughts on certain subjects that have been covered in class. Research is usually required, but the wording must be that of the one writing the paper. This makes it unique! Those worried about their thoughts not being relevant are usually worrying too much. I think that some professors actually enjoy the spin that students put on certain subjects by voicing their perspective. This is why students should not dread these papers; they should look at it as a way to be heard. This song is a great anthem that speaks to those who feel a bit unsure of themselves or what they’re doing. Imagine Tyson Ritter standing at the front of class, and he slaps a piece of paper and a number 2 pencil in front of you and says “Speak To Me!” What will you say? Don’t “waste your days with thinking” or overthinking. Move along and write your paper. Odds are your professor will love your perspective!
Times Like These – Foo Fighters
I think times like these have changed the ways that we look at academic structure and procedure. It’s only in good safety measures that this change has come about. Therefore, we can’t really look at these changes as being a bad thing. They are designed to protect us all from the COVID-19 virus. In some ways, we “learn to live again” and learn again. The driving beat and heavy guitar riffs in this tune just give a sense of promise that everything is going to be ok. There is no use in letting the world worry you. We are all doing what we can to stay healthy and alive. The next step is to make sure we carry on our business to meet our personal goals the best we can. Another great quote from Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl is “No One Is You, And That Is Your Power.” When sitting down to write, be confident in this, and know that after you get through the term paper, everything will be right where it was when you started. It’s important in “Times Like These” that you roll with the changes, but don’t let them deter you from reaching that personal goal of getting the best grades possible or just completing what is on your plate “time and time again.”
High Hopes – Panic at the Disco
I have always loved this one when it comes to self-empowerment! What a great upbeat song to kick any motivation needed into gear! I believe we are all trying to achieve something at GCC because we all have “High High Hopes For A Living.” No matter how different your goals are from the next student, our career paths start here, and the tools needed to reach our professional destination are right there at our fingertips. It’s important to remember “don’t give up” just because things can be “a little complicated.” Keep your eyes on your personal prize at the end of your scholastic journey and know that you are a “one in a million” student at GCC, and there are a great group of faculty and staff willing to help you be “something great.” When you have this mindset in place, all the creativity needed to write that term paper will just flow!